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The auditorium is the zenith of the school where all the cultural programmes and activities take place. It is situated at the topmost floor of the school building. The school auditorium is spacious enough to accommodate more than two thousand five hundred people. The auditorium is fully equipped with speakers, focus lights, other lighting arrangements, audio system, mike system and all the other modern equipments. There is a massive stage with a fully electronic screen. All the major functions of the school like the Founders' Day celebrations, Jubilee celebrations, Teachers' Day and Children's Day celebrations etc are conducted here. The auditorium is also known as the Golden Jubilee Hall.

In order to provide the students with the benefits of visual learning, which leaves a long lasting impression on a student's mind and memory, the school also has an audio-visual hall adjoining the main auditorium. The students assemble in this hall to participate in all the educational sessions which are regularly conducted by the school. On a routine basis, the school also organizes various presentations, video sessions etc for the students.

Competitions like singing, inter class dance, speech and recitation, fancy dress, dramatics etc are generally held in a separate mini hall. Small gatherings, meetings, other school events and activities are also conducted in this mini hall.

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