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Cluny - Nursery Class
Cluny - High School


Code of Conduct

  • Pupils are expected to show respect to their teachers at all times.
  • No Pupil is allowed to leave the class room without the teacher's permission.
  • Use of phone during class hours is strictly forbidden.
  • No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during class hours without the permission of the Principal.
  • Pupils must be punctual and regular in attending school and must do their home-work regularly.
  • Prior permission from the Principal must be obtained in case of foreseen leave of absence. The letter from the Parent certified by the Principal has to be sent with the pupil when she returns to school after such leave of absence. Whenever leave is required or a pupil has been absent the parent or guardian must enter the information in the leave record column and the pupil must produce the same to the concerned authority with the parent's signature. Requests for half day leave, departure from school before scheduled time etc., also must be entered and duly signed by the parent or guardian.
  • The Home-work Diary must be brought to school everyday and got signed by the parent or guardian every week end. Report books should be returned to school with the parent's signature within one or two days after receiving them.
  • All pupils must be neatly dressed in their School Uniform supplied in school
  • Books and other articles should have the name of the owner marked on them. Each pupil is responsible for her own belongings.
  • When any damage is done to the school property it should be reported to the Principal.
  • Story Books and Magazines are not to be brought to school.

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