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Extra Curricular Activities

Other than imparting education to the children, the school also believes in providing extra curricular activities to enrich student growth. The school provides training in activities like Guiding, Karate, Music, School Band, Counseling, Community Service, Young Students Movement (YSM), Dramatics, Dance etc. As part of the overall development of personality, students are also encouraged to participate in regular school programmes which include Quiz, Debates, Drawing, Painting, Flower Arrangement, Rangoli and Cultural programmes.
Guiding is an international movement practiced all over the world. A student who has crossed the age of ten years is eligible to be enrolled as a guide. At Cluny Covent High School, the students from class VI onwards are entitled to be a part of guiding. The guiding activity is also syllabus oriented. The syllabus of guiding is as below:

  • Pravesh
  • Prathama Sopan
  • Dwitiya Sopan
  • Tritiya Sopan
  • Rajyapuraskar
  • Rashtrapathi

The enrollment of a guide at Cluny, takes place during the enrollment ceremony. The guides are encouraged to participate in the International events, National level camps, Jamborette, State level camps etc. Guides are also sent for the Leaders Training Camp conducted by Bharat scouts, Karnataka.

On June 10th 2004, the Universal Language Esperanto course started with 48 guides. It was a ten days preliminary course. The Cluny guides attended the International Secretaries Meeting, Annual School Camp, Swami Vivekananda's Birthday Celebration, Hiking Expedition, Bangalore North District Scouts and Guides Rally, Thinking Day Celebrations etc. Nine guides have been awarded the Rashtrapathi award at the national level. Twelve guides have been awarded the Rajyapuraskar award at the state level. The guides of Cluny Convent High School live up to their motto Be Prepared and work to make the world a better place to live in.

The Karate classes at Cluny Convent High School are recognized by the World Karate-Do federation, International Olympic Committee, Asian Karate-Do Federation and All India Karate-Do Federation. At Cluny, karate classes are separately held for the primary section and the high school section. The class for the primary section is conducted during the class hours. Professional classes are also conducted after the class hours for the benefit of the interested students.

The world famous Grand Master, Toshiaki Namiki, visited the school in the month of November, 2004. He has given the school in charge of Japan Shotokan Karate-Do Federation, India. Sensei K Rajendra, who is a fourth dan black belt, is the chief instructor and examiner for the school. More than seven girls have obtained black belts from the World Chief Grand Master.

Music is considered to be the rhythm of life. Cluny Convent High School offers an opportunity to the students of the school, to learn an instrument of their choice. The school provides professional classes on various instruments like Guitar, Violin, Piano and Keyboard. The classes are generally conducted after the school hours. Singing and Dancing classes are also a part of the curriculum.

Inter class music and dance competitions are conducted every year. The students of the school keenly take part in various music and dance competitions. Dance and music is also a part of the School day celebrations which is conducted every year.

School Band
Cluny Convent High School encourages the students to be a part of the School band. The band master trains the students on various instruments, which forms a part of the band. The students in the band are provided with uniforms along with caps and shoes. The School band is a part of the cultural activities of the school and plays a major role on the sports day celebration, starting from playing for the march past to the National Anthem.

The Cluny Convent School band actively participates in the Inter School Band Display which is held every year at the Kanteerava stadium, Bangalore. The School band is the pride and joy of the school.

Cluny Convent High School conducts counseling sessions regularly for the benefit of the students. A part time counselor visits the school every day and conducts sessions for individuals, classes and also, if required, for parents. Sessions on self management, personality development, confidence building, career guidance etc are regularly conducted. During the sessions, individual attention is provided to students in order to work towards the overall growth of the concerned student.

Community Service
In order to develop a sense of responsibility towards society and to develop a sense of concern and compassion for the less privileged and the aged, visits to orphanages, homes for the aged and other such institutions are a regular feature of the community service programme for the students. Gifts in the form of food, disinfectants, clothing and toilet articles are periodically given.

Young Students Movement (YSM)

Young Students Movement is an awareness and action-oriented student movement. Students learn values in group sharing and try to live by them. They cherish deep human values like quality, love, freedom and justice. They dream to evolve a new society where people live in harmony and value peace, love, truth, justice and equality.

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