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House System
In order to instil certain qualities like responsibility, discipline, co-operation, integration, character development, self- reliance, planning, sense of belonging, healthy competition spirit, tolerance and respect, the pupils of Cluny Convent High School are divided into four houses— Anne Marie's, Alphonsa's, Cecilia's and Teresa's. To differentiate the houses from each other, they are associated with different colours. Each house has their own house flag, uniforms, badges and sashes in their respective colours. House mistress and house captains are elected every year for each house. Various competitions are held in the school based on these houses. The house members are taught to be loyal and dedicated to their houses. Students from grades II to X are divided equally into the houses at the beginning of the year. They are expected to work and gain points for their houses and by the end of the year the best house receives an award.

Anne Marie's House

This house has been honored with being named after the foundress of the school, Annie Marie Javouhey. She founded the Congregation of the sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny to help care for orphans and educate children. Anne Marie felt called by God to do a little good to a great number of people. She was deeply convinced that God loves all without distinction of race, culture, religion or social status. She instinctively went towards the most deprived, without, however, abandoning the others. Her feast day is celebrated on 15th July.

The Anne Marie's house is inspired by their motto Excellence is our aim. The members of this house are identified by the color Blue.

Alphonsa's House

This house is named after Blessed Alphonsa, who was christened Anna. From early childhood, Anna had a great desire for religious life. She entered the cloistered convent in the year 1930 and received the name Alphonsa. The keynote of Sr. Alphonsa's life was yearning for suffering and great simplicity. Her life was one of unbroken self dedication to the will of God. Her feast day is celebrated on 28th July.

The motto of Alphonsa's house is Unity our strength. They are proud to be in synonymous with the color Green which signifies success to them.

Cecilia's House

This house has been named after St. Cecilia. She was a great and gentle lady who loved devotional songs. From her childhood, her talent for music was highly remarkable. She was determined to live her life for the love of God. St. Cecilia is venerated as the patroness of sacred music. Her feast day is celebrated on 22nd November.

Love and service is both the motto of Cecilia's house and an appropriate description of its members. They aim to live up to their motto and are related with the color Red.

Teresa's House

This house has been named after St. Teresa. A childlike simplicity, utter humility, constant self sacrifice and a boundless love of God and trust in Him were some of her outstanding virtues. It was through her little way of performing perfectly, the duties of everyday life, for the love of God, that she became the model and inspiration of countless people. She was popularly known as the Little Flower. Her feast day is celebrated on 1st October.

Bloom to the fullest is the motto and aim of Teresa's house. The house members take pride in being associated with the color Yellow.

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