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The Library occupies a place of pride in the list of our infrastructure and stands as an asset to both the teachers and pupils. It can accommodate approximately 60 students at a time. There is a regular library class conducted once a week for the students of class V to XII. Students of all classes are encouraged to read a book a week to enhance reading habits in our children at an early age, cultivate an interest in various fields and speed up the learning process.

There are more than 10,000+ books without including journals, magazines, periodicals, fiction, mathematics, arts, science, computer, history, English, value education, language, books for reference, etc. cater to their psychological, intellectual and aesthetic needs and provide information on current events. We subscribe to magazines like Infinite Thoughts, Frontline, Indian Currents, The Week, Wisdom, Health Action, Inspirational Quotes, Gokulum, Teenager, Reader’s Digest and Chandamama.