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The school library is a nucleus around which the whole education system revolves. There are more than 10,000 books which includes journals, magazines, periodicals, fiction, mathematics, arts, science, computers, history, english, value education, language, reference books and much more. The reference section includes almost all the latest encyclopedias of school level, books on general knowledge, various dictionaries, year books, quiz books, arts and craft books and project books.

The magazines include Teenager, Down to Earth, Reader's Digest, Children's Digest, Peas, Taranga, Diksoochi, Kasturi, Chandamama etc.

The library is a completely computerized entity. It can accommodate approximately 60 students at a time. Every class has time set aside for library visit. There is a regular library class conducted once a week for the students of class I to VII. The high school students are given the privilege of visiting the library on a regular schedule.

The school has the provision for both kinds of libraries: - Books Library and CD library. There are a wide range of educational and entertainment CDs for all age groups.

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