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Cluny - Nursery Class
Cluny - High School


Middle School

Building & Classroom Facilities


Reading is to the Mind what Exercise is to the Body. We have a well equipped library for children to quench their thirst for information.

Computer Lab

Children upgrade themselves to today’s information age with unlimited information at the click of a mouse at the Computer Lab.

Audio Visual

Media Education is imparted through Audio-Visual classes where Value Education and Social Awareness is taught by exposure to the outside world through interesting Slides and Movies.


The Middle School curriculum includes compulsory subjects such as:

  • English / Prose / Poetry / Language / Creative Writing
  • Mathematics
  • General Science
  • Social Studies ( History & Geography)
  • Environmental Education
  • Computer Science
  • III Language
  • Value Education / Scripture

II Language & III Languages that are being taught: Hindi, Kannada.

Value Education / Scripture

Moral values are imbibed in our students as part of the school curriculum.

Christian girls learn values from the Bible while the non-Christian girls learn it as value education. Our girls contribute generously to the society whenever the need arises.

Computer Science

Various projects are created by the students which are based on their curriculum, which reinforces what they have studied in class. The best projects are re-introduced into their classrooms as part of their e-learning tool.

Extra-curricular & Club Activities

Art & Craft

The students of V, VI & VII learn the basic methods of drawing and painting with oil pastels, water colors, poster colors and fabric colors. Besides painting with brush, spray work, thread work, thumb painting, nail painting, leaf printing, vegetable printing is demonstrated.

Children are encouraged to participate in various competitions and also display their work through the year to boost their confidence.


Many girls take part in various sports events during the sports day and some of our students excel in individual events like athletics, tennis and basketball. All these facilities are provided by the school to enhance their sporting talents.

Educational Trips

Every year Educational trips are conducted, which helps the students to relate to their classes.

Fun Activities


Picnics, Nature walks and excursions are organized as an annual feature. It is a very important day in the calendar of the students.

Teacher’s & Children’s Day

To show their gratitude and appreciation to the teachers, children entertain them with songs and dances and the teachers in turn do the same on Children’s day.

Language Day

At the Language Day, the children have an opportunity to showcase their skills in Poetry, Drama and Dance.

Christmas Party

Christmas adds color and gaiety at Cluny. It is a time for laughter, cheer, and a time for giving and sharing. The children and teachers are given gifts to make Christmas more meaningful.


Apart from the various projects that are done by the children in all the subjects, they are tested on their knowledge of subjects by termly tests and examinations.

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