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Cluny - Nursery Class
Cluny - High School


Our Mission

To inculcate a sound human foundation for the total development of each person in her uniqueness through integrated physical, intellectual, emotional, moral, spiritual, social and cultural growth in order to equip each student to collaborate with others in bringing about a civilization of love (Kingdom).


To foster integral growth of each person in her uniqueness; we will:

  • Be Sensitive - to the needs, feelings, aspirations, values and problems of our students, especially the poor.
  • Develop - the spirit of learning, discovery, creativity and challenge in them.
  • Promote - faith - formation that integrates faith with life, through a value - oriented education.
  • Enable - every person to be imbued with a passion for justice, peace and love, in today's society.
  • Provide - an environment for the promotion and assimilation of our culture and heritage.
  • Contribute - to the on going formation of the school as a love ¬≠centered community, with Christ as its model.
  • Foster - the principles of universal brotherhood leading to the acceptance of the fatherhood of God.
  • Create - in them a concern and sense of commitment for the well- being of the whole creation.

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