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Online registration for LKG will be available on the school website between 16th Jan to 18th Jan 2018. Those who register online, need not collect tokens

Once registered online,if you do not get any reply from the school by 30th January, kindly come and check the notice board at the school gate on 31st January 2018. After 31st Jan. no enquiries will be entertained.


Tokens for registration for admission to LKG will be issued on the following date:

Saturday                               20th  January 2018

Time                                       9.00am to 10.00am

Eligibility                               Between 4 and 5 years (Girls only)

Registration Fees               Rs. 100/- only (to be paid at the time of

                                                 Receiving token)


Date and Time of the issue of application will be mentioned on the token.


Parents are requested to bring the following at the time of filling up the form.

1. Photostat copy of Proof of age /Baptism Certificate.

      (Baptism certificate compulsory for Christians)

2. Passport size photograph of the child.

3. Photostat copy of address proof (ration card /telephone bill/ Aadhar Card)

4. Please bring your child at the time of filling the form.


List of selected candidates will be displayed on the notice board at 3.00 pm on March 28th 2018.

(Kindly do not disturb the school office with queries regarding the same.)

Please Note: Tokens are issued only FOR LKG admission. It is Mandatory that you produce the original birth certificate at the time of taking the token.

Date of birth mentioned on the Birth Certificate will not be changed henceforth.

Please do not crowd near the gate especially during the night.

Everyone who comes between 9 and 10 a.m. on 20th will be issued a token. 

Admissions on the basis of recommendations are not entertained.

Registration is not a guarantee for admission.

You are requested to apply in other schools also. There may be people outside the gate assuring you admission if money is paid. Please note that the school does not take money apart from the fees and other requirements. Please don’t get cheated.



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