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Parents Corner

  • In order that the pupils may profit to the maximum from the education that is given to them, parents and guardians are requested to extend their full co-operation.
  • Parents and guardians are recommended to meet the teachers as often as possible to enquire about the progress of their children. These visits may be made after or before class hours or at other times fixed by the school authorities for parent-teacher meetings. Parents, guardians or visitors are not allowed to visit classes during class hours.
  • Progress report and home work diaries are to be scrutinized, signed and necessary measures taken for the improvement of the children. Punctuality, neatness, discipline and good study habits are to be inculcated in the pupils.
  • Here again the maximum cooperation of parents and guardians is required.
  • Critical remarks about a teacher should be carefully avoided in the presence of students as this will definitely cause less respect for one's teachers. If ever there is any legitimate complaint about any teacher, parents and guardians should discuss the matter with the Principal.
  • As irregular attendance will necessarily interfere with the progress of the pupil, parents should abstain from taking them for weddings, functions, etc., during working days. Parents must see to the regular and punctual attendance of their children in school. Pupils must be present on the reopening day after each vacation. Proper arrangements should be made beforehand in order to avoid coming late to school for the new term. For grave and legitimate reasons if one is forced to come late, permission should be sought from the Principal beforehand.
  • Private tuitions are discouraged. However, in case of necessity, arrangements will be made by the Principal, to have special class in School.
  • Tuition fee is charged per term for every month of the calendar year and must be paid before 15th of the month for the term specified. Pupils will not be allowed to sit for the terminal exams unless the fee has been paid in full beforehand.
  • Pupils attending classes for even a part of the term must pay the fee for the whole term.
  • Request for Transfer Certificate should be made well in advance and it will be issued only when all the School accounts have been duly settled.
  • Admissions are normally made only to the Lower K.G. and the age limit is 4 years.
  • In case of admission to other classes the candidates should be mainly from an I.C.S.E. stream and should have a very satisfactory record from the previous school. She may still be asked to do a written test in the major subjects.
  • Every candidate for admission must be introduced in person by her parents who will be responsible to the Principal for her conduct and progress.

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