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Cluny - Nursery Class
Cluny - High School


School Prayer

  • Here upon St. Joseph's mount
  • Snug in the green hill side
  • Stands with mother's arms around us all
  • The school that is a joy and pride
  • So sing of hope and high resolve
  • To do what the motto says
  • Pray to live with God united And work to be His own always
  • Pray and work, work and pray
  • Let nothing on earth get the best of us
  • Fly the flag, keep it up
  • With never a whisper of hopelessness
  • Play the game, with a smile
  • Let the sunshine of love warm our lives for us
  • Persevere to the end and so enter God's heaven at last...........
  • So here upon......................
  • be His own always.

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