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Welcome to SMEPS Education

    The main purpose of SMEPS Education is to provide an all round development and overall Health of a person— Spiritual, Mental (Intellectual), Emotional, Physical and Social (the first letters of which make the acronym SMEPS). SMEPS Education’s various courses, tools, tips, techniques and practical training help the person to grow Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Socially.

    Aims and Objectives of SMEPS Education

    • To form a new person with a new vision of life and work
    • To develop one’s own personality
    • To develop social awareness
    • To excel in the profession one takes up
    • To bring about a change and transformation in the whole society
    • To develop leadership qualities
    • To inspire to think good, speak good and to do good
    • To make life purposeful
    • To make future nobler, richer and happier
    • To help to build a brighter society for a better tomorrow
    • To create messengers of peace within oneself, in family, in society and in the country at large
    • To make persons of high self esteem, holy and fullness in life
    • To make peace and spiritual growth
    • To create Complete Health— Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Social (SMEPS)

    SMEPS Education covers many aspects, to mention a few courses:

    • Life Skills Training
    • Self-healing Courses
    • Special Meditations Techniques
    • Different Introspection Courses
    • Providing Education on Natural, Holistic Lifestyle
    • Yoga
    • Public Speaking Training (Speech Training Course)
    • Image Management Training (Training on Body language, Manners, Appearance, Etiquettes, Hygiene etc.)
    • Training to become a good Home Maker
    • Organic Farming
    • First Aid Training
    • Fire Fighting Training etc.

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